Our projects

The Classe Collection

A holiday is waiting for you in Antalya in the comfort of your home.

Classe Green

Your new home is waiting for you in the greenery

Class Officium

Class Officium will add value to your company and brand with its new and modern architecture in Altınova.

LIU Resorts

Sirius Deluxe Hotel

Alanya Türkler mevkiinde 15bin m2 alanda denize sıfır konumuyla rüya gibi bir tatil sizi bekliyor.

Sirius Town

Fenerbahçe Sosyal Tesisleri

Fenerbahçe Belek sosyal Tesisleri 107.000 m2 alan üzerinde meyve bahçesinin içerisinde kurulmuştur.

Education Campus

Our education campus will offer world-class education to our valuable students.

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