Sert Yapı Group, adopting the principles of innovative approach, mutual trust, honesty and diligence and always aiming the best, has a respected place and a well-deserved reputation in its sector with its values and projects it brings to life.

Sert Yapı Group, which follows and analyzes the developing and changing world standards and blends this with its 20 years of experience, is expanding its service range day by day, adding not only a new living space, but also positive values to life. Having a ISO 9001: 2000 quality certificate, Sert Yapı carries out all of its works with the principles of working in accordance with environmental health, protecting natural resources, and occupational health and safety.

Today, Sert Yapi Grubu, which meets all the needs of today’s modern life and combines the characteristics of quality and reliable housing, tourism, education and health structures under the same roof, will continue its ambitious projects that will raise your living standards with the same excitement and desire. Regards..


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