Villa Classe




Antalya, TR

Villa Classe

Sert Yapı Construction is proud to present the tranquil sanctuary of Villa Classe. Located in Nebiler, Antalya, this complex welcomes its guests with a calming and native atmosphere. 

Sert Yapı Villa Classe 1
Sert Yapı Villa Classe 14

Villa Classe is closely connected to nature and presents a minimalistic design, featuring wooden details that evoke its lush surroundings. Inside, visitors can enjoy the luxury of its sophisticated yet not overly exaggerated interior. 

Sert Yapı Villa Classe 5

Multiple buildings boast individual spaces, such as a private garage and garden, offering each resident their own retreat. Sert Yapı Construction is proud to have been responsible for the construction of this complex and invites you to soak in its serenity and beauty.